EarlySail Launches Unified Communications Practice for Asia-Pac

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EarlySail is now able to offer our customers and ISV partners services to enable adoption of Unified Communications in their companies and products.

Gartner defines Unified Communications thus:

Unified communications (UC) offer the ability to significantly improve how individuals, groups and companies interact and perform. UC enables multiple communication channels to be coordinated. Key technologies include Internet Protocol (IP)-PBX, voice over IP (VoIP), presence, e-mail, audio and Web conferencing, videoconferencing, voice mail, unified messaging and instant messaging (IM).

Another key capability of UC is that it offers a method to integrate communication functions directly with business applications; Gartner calls this capability “communications-enabled business processes.”

The largest single value of UC is its ability to reduce “human latency” in business processes. Although communication methods (such as voice or IM) can be used individually and separately, organizations should examine how bringing these methods together can increase synergies and efficiencies.

Please contact EarlySail for deployment of Unified Communication products in your enterprise, and acceleration of your business processes that require human response.

Enterprise of the Future

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What will the Enterprise of the Future look like? To answer that question, IBM and the Economist Intelligence Unit spoke with more than 1,000 CEO’s from around the world.

These findings across industries, geographies and organizations of different sizes paint a similar view of the traits that we believe will be needed for future success.

In its executive summary, the study notes that at its core, the Enterprise of the Future is

  • Hungry for Change
    The Enterprise of the Future is capable of changing quickly and successfully. Instead of merely responding to trends, it shapes and leads them. Market and industry shifts are a chance to move ahead of the competition.
  • Innovative Beyond Customer Imagination
    The Enterprise of the Future surpasses the expectations of increasingly demanding customers. Deep collaborative relationships allow it to surprise customers with innovations that make both its customers and its own business more successful.
  • Globally Integrated
    The Enterprise of the Future is integrating to take advantage of today’s global economy. Its business is strategically designed to access the best capabilities, knowledge and assets from wherever they reside in the world and apply them wherever required in the world.

  • Disruptive By Nature
    The Enterprise of the Future radically challenges its business model, disrupting the basis of competition. It shifts the value proposition, overturns traditional delivery approaches and, as soon as opportunities arise, reinvents itself and its entire industry.
  • Genuine, Not Just Generous
    The Enterprise of the Future goes beyond philanthropy and compliance and reflects genuine concern for society in all actions and decisions.

EarlySail can help your organization leverage talent available in the global economy, as well as provide specialized skills needed for the technology differentiation your products and services need to compete.