EarlySail Enterprise Mobility JumpStart Offer

Your Mobility Initiative: From Vision To Reality

Companies  from across the globe have discovered the benefits and and Return On Investment of mission-critical mobile applications. Mobile applications have changed the way that market leaders do business in today’s fast-paced and competitive climate.

EarlySail Enterprise Mobility JumpStart Offer

What is it ?
An interactive, half-day meeting to design the perfect mobile application for your end users.

Who should attend ?
One or more of each: business management, IT management and end user.

Where will it be held ?
At your premises, or if you like at our premises.

What are the benefits of this process ?
Work one-on-one with the  experts in enterprise mobility to design your perfect solution. Increase  revenue at lower costs through efficiency and productivity both in and out of the office. Get a jump start on converting your vision to reality.

Contact Us to book your slot. Now is the perfect time to increase productivity, build your customer base, increase employee satisfaction and drive revenue.

What does it cost ?
The offer is free to qualifying companies¹

The  EarlySail JumpStart  Meeting Agenda

EarlySail experts will work with you to define your business process, design the user interface,  and data flow necessary to support your business process, and finally, deliver a prototype application configured to your specific use case.

  1. Documentation of Use Cases: EarlySail experts will interview business and technical participants to identify and document use cases for the desired  mobile applications in your company.
  2. Role Identification: Interview will help identify
    • User Group: Who will use the application
    • Data Source: What are the underlying data sources and where do they reside
    • Core Application: Which application, from EarlySail’s application portfolio, will be used as a framework to build the target application.
  3. Design: EarlySail will model an optimized user interface that meets the needs of the user and the requirements of your company.
  4. Delivery: EarlySail will  delivers a  prototype application  that will be used to achieve internal buy-in and future application deployment.

After the meeting, EarlySail will continue to work with you to coordinate a discussion that includes business, IT and user representatives.   Using the JumpStart meeting’s prototype as a baseline, stakeholder support and commitment will be confirmed and next steps towards a full mobile roll out  will be scheduled. We will  establish the viability and create a delivery timeline for your company’s mobile initiative.

[1] JumpStart Offer open to selected companies – selection criteria is based on technical feasibility and a minimum number of available mobile users as determined by EarlySail.