Media Companies

Reduce time to broadcast, enhance news coverage, and increase revenues by acquiring and distributing content directly from the scene of events with a mobile device.

The Challenge for Media Companies

Media companies are challenged to provide captivating content and the best news coverage first. News directors must commit to developing stories early in the day, and struggle with last-minute redeployment of reporters for breaking news events. Reporters and camera crews in the field increasingly require tools to remotely research stories, collaborate with news teams and topical experts, acquire content, and distribute for broadcast. First to broadcast is the hallmark of success.

Innovative Solutions with Wireless for Media Companies

EarlySail understands the operational and strategic business challenges of media companies. With expertise in mobile productivity tools, EarlySail provides flexible, real-time solutions to address media companies’ practical challenges.

With wireless data solutions, news directors can redeploy individual reporters and content acquisition assets to cover breaking news. Reporters can research stories wirelessly, collaborate with news teams, acquire content, and submit stories directly from the field. When there’s no time to lose, a reporter can also shoot news footage from their handheld device.

What’s more, media sales teams can benefit from up-to-the-minute wireless access to customer information, advertising inventory, and station ratings and demographics, thus strengthening their customer relationships.

Benefits for News Directors

  • Enhance news coverage
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Acquire and broadcast content earlier
  • Improve communication

Benefits for Reporters

  • Improve collaboration with the news team and sources with email and instant messaging
  • Shoot footage directly from the scene
  • Gain information directly from the scene through wireless Internet search and access to contact lists and internal databases
  • Find and conduct interviews of experts and newsmakers remotely

Benefits for Advertising Sales Consultants

  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce administrative tasks
  • Increase time for client engagement
  • Drive increased revenues

EarlySail  helps you deploy the most efficient, cost-effective wireless solutions. We put all the pieces together to make wireless work for you.