Sales Force Automation

The Challenge for Mobile Sales Teams

Your company’s sales force is out on the road closing deals, but the information they need to be effective is back in the office. Now, you can make your data work as hard as your sales team. Enable them to achieve new levels of productivity and provide improved customer service with real-time wireless access to CRM and other customer-facing information at their fingertips.

Improved Productivity with Wireless Solutions

Wireless solutions from EarlySail give sales professionals the ability to stay informed, collaborate on opportunities, and update account information directly from the field, where sales information is fresh and actionable.

With wireless applications  your sales team can connect seamlessly to their  CRM applications, allowing them to perform real-time contact, opportunity and activity searches and updates directly on their handheld device. They can also retrieve pricing terms, inventory availability, order status and other pertinent information, allowing them to be proactive and responsive to customers while they’re on the go.

Benefits for Field Sales

  • Always-on, real-time access maximizes sales productivity
  • More time in the field selling—less time in the office
  • Better prepared for customer calls
  • No more evenings spent updating CRM data

Benefits for Sales and Marketing Executives

  • Improved reporting and visibility into sales pipeline
  • Able to detect customer and market trends more quickly—not just react
  • Greater sales compliance with CRM tools

Benefits for Inside Sales

  • Boosts back-office productivity
  • Reduces interruptions from the field
  • Improves accuracy of order process