Customizing Open Data Kit (ODK) based applications

EarlySail is able to create custom versions of applications that utilize Open Data Kit (ODK) or other mobile data collection technologies. ODK is an Android-based data collection tool. It allows for multiform data collection from GPS tagged photos, audio, video, sensors, and form data

We can customize the ODK Collect Client, the ODK Aggregate Server as well as create custom web applications to better report on your collected data.

Android ODK Collect Client Customization

  1. Run side by side with any other ODK based Application on the same smartphone or tablet
  2. Your Custom App Icon
  3. Your Custom App Name
  4. Your Custom App Splash page
  5. Pre-configure your own ODK Aggregate Server URL or alternate servers.
  6. Button Colors and Backgrounds
  7. Utilize your own Google Analytics tracking ID
  8. Add an About Us Page
  9. Add a Send Feedback feature
  10. Add a Share This App feature
  11. Optional Support for External USB Web Cameras and sensors
  12. Deploy on App stores or your own web server for distribution.
  13. Other custom code enhancements as needed

ODK Aggregate Customization

  1. Install a dedicated instance of ODK Aggregate on your own servers, including cloud servers
  2. Integrate with a MySQL Database
  3. Integrate with Apache web server for extra robustness
  4. Enable SSL security for your instance for increased security
  5. Install multiple instances of ODK Aggregate on the same server if desired for data segregation.

ODK Aggregate Data Visualization

We can create custom HTML5 based web applications to display  data collected in ODK Aggregate.  These are more user friendly than the out of box support provided in ODK Aggregate.  These web applications can be separately password protected for more granular control on sharing your data. You can also allow creation of PDF reports.

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