EarlySail’s Social Polling Mobile App Wins BlackBerry BBM Hackathon

EarlySail Wins BlackBerry BBM Hackathon

EarlySail Team Members Rashmi (middle) and Ajay (right) with Research in Motion's Naresh Parmar (left).

EarlySail is pleased to announce that its social polling mobile application “Friends Choose” was the winner at the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Hackathon that concluded in Gurgaon on January 13th.

Leveraging the power of BlackBerry Messenger, the application allows a BBM user to quickly create polls and invite their friends to participate in the poll via BBM. The results are shared via BBM when the poll ends.  The unique feature of the application is that it requires no server and no registration and is therefore infinitely scalable .  Any BBM enabled user can create polls and get the opinion of their friends in real-time in a structured fashion.

The application has uses in the enterprise as well as colleagues and supervisors can be polled on any pressing item in a structured manner.

EarlySail team members Rashmi Puri Dang and Ajay Singh coded the application in approximately 36 hours.  EarlySail expects to release the production version of the winning application in the coming weeks.


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